Crown replacement

Let’t get familiar with the terms!

‘Dental crown’ is a type of dental restoration that helps you prevent the need for extraction of a decayed or damaged tooth.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that encircles a badly damaged or decayed tooth or dental implant. Many people refer to a dental crown as a “cap”.
Depending on the purpose for which it was used, a dental crown can be made from many materials, being perfect to improve the strength or appearance of teeth.

When a part or all parts of the natural or artificial crown of a tooth needs to be replaced, the dentist will do a ‘crown replacement procedure’.

Which are the purposes of a crown replacement?

Crown replacement is used when a part or all the original crown of a tooth has been destroyed. As expected, this situation isn’t the only one when a crown replacement is necessary. This procedure is also use to maintain a healthy tooth when it forms part of a bridge, or it can be used for aesthetic purposes.

When it comes to aesthetic purposes crown replacement procedure is very common. For example a natural or an artificial crown has become discoloured or has chipped. In these cases, crown replacement is the best solution. Don’t worry about the matching, because the latest techniques help the dentist to achieve a natural-like result, which will integrate in the surrounding teeth in colour, shape and proportion.

For those who don’t know, a replacement crown is prepared by a dentist, in his office and it is made by a dental technician, in a special laboratory.

How is a crown replacement prepared and made?

The procedure used for a crown replacement is very similar to that used for the initial crown. First of all the dentist will analyze the tooth health and will pare down the tooth, removing any decay or remains from the previous crown.

Following this phase of the procedure, the dentist will then take an impression of the prepared tooth using an elastic material. This material is let to set for five minutes and then is sent to a lab, where a dental technician will made the new crown.

After that, the specialist fits a temporary acrylic crown over the prepared tooth, in order to protect it from the external agents, while the replacement crown is being made. Here ends the first visit.

After some time the patient returns to dentist’s office for the new crown to be fixed in place. The doctor use a special cement and fixes it onto the prepared tooth. He makes the final adjustments and the new crown is ready to use.

Which are the materials used for a crown replacement?

As for the initial crown (in case that we’re speaking about artificial crown replacement) the replacement crowns may be made of porcelain, gold or a combination of porcelain and metal.

When the patient want a nice looking crown with a considerable strength and durability, porcelain can be fused to a metal base, usually gold or silver, this type o crown being known as a porcelain jacket crown.

As for the material used for the temporary crowns, these are generally types of acrylic.

Will the tooth be sensitive until the final crown is fixed onto it?

If you are worried about the sensitivity of the pared down tooth, then you should learn that your dentist will use the best materials combined with his skills, in order to make you feel comfortable during the procedure and while you wear the temporary crown. The dentist will make and install a temporary acrylic crown to protect the pared down tooth. This temporary crown will look good and will be comfortable to eat with.

Is it painful to replace a crown?

You’ll be happy to find that during the removal of the old crown, the preparation of the tooth, the taking of the impression and during the installation of the new crown a local anaesthetic will used, so you’ll not feel a thing.

Pain relief medication is rarely necessary after the procedure, but sometimes sensitivity to hot and cold can occurs. This sensitivity occur after the crown has been cemented, but this won’t last for a long period of time.

Will crown replacement give me an aesthetic look?

The aesthetics is one of the most important things for which a patient choose to replace an old crown. Those who aren’t sure of the success of the procedures should stay relaxed because crowns replacement can restore and enhance the appearance of teeth and the smile.

The crown replacement procedure is often used in cosmetic dentistry as part of the treatment, considering that the new crowns are made using modern materials and new technologies, so they can look very natural, and to match the surrounding teeth.

How well can I chew with a replaced crown?

The replaced crown acts exactly like the old crown, so eating shouldn’t be a problem. In normal conditions, you’ll fell the foods as you’re using your natural teeth. However, with pure porcelain crowns, some care may be necessary and you should pay more attention to what you eat, in order to keep it intact.

How successful is a crown replacement?

If you want to change an old crown with problems or if you want to improve your smile by changing your teeth, crowns are the most successful ways of restoration.

Some of the great advantages of the crown are:
- functionality – eating is as natural and comfortable as before
- aesthetic – thanks to the modern techniques and material the new crowns look natural and match the size, colour and shape of the other teeth.
- durability – crowns are known for their durability that can reach even 40 years


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  1. Simon Wilkinson says:

    I am currently preparing some promotion material for zirconia crowns to encourage dentists to sell this exciting material to their patients.
    I read your impressive site and wondered it if would be possible to obtain permission to use one of the photographs above?
    The particular photo I am interested in is the single crown resting on a mirror.
    Can you help?
    S. Wilkinson
    Westhall Dental Laboratory

    • dentalzi says:


      You can use the photo, but please write a link that sends to


    • john zurkman says:

      hello, I just installed a zirconia crown. As it was initially not “long” enough the dentist told me he was going to do a modification adding some zirconium material to fill the lateral gap. Is it normal procedure in your opinion and, more important, does the crown will have the same strength/durability?
      thank you.

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